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Sep 3 '14
Sep 3 '14

Anonymous asked:

This guy may be more your type. Bad film (very violent, rape scenes) but the sex scene is hot. Twinky guy goes to hide out with a man and his wife after the gangster who was keeping him is murdered. He and the wife become close and while her husband is gone, they have sex. You can see how vulnerable and unsure he is as he strips off his clothes contrasted to the pleasure and release he feels while they're making love. Starts at like an hour and 24 min. youtube[.]com/watch?v=YWm5cOhEeGQ


Yes, very…Shall we say…uplifting. :)


Aug 28 '14

josh782012 asked:

I am 32 and my boyfriend is 49 and divorced. We both jerk to str8 porn all the time and I'm dying to lose my virginity to some pussy. We bought a life like vaginal mold sex toy and everytime I fuck it, which is at least once a day, I cum fast.

That’s really hot. Maybe your bf could arrange for you to fuck some pussy together, with him showing you how to do it right ;) Just remember, take pics and share them :D

Aug 4 '14

Happy to see over 1,000 people have liked or reblogged this image! Message me with your incest stories :)

I did. Was hot.


Happy to see over 1,000 people have liked or reblogged this image! Message me with your incest stories :)

I did. Was hot.

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Jul 29 '14

gayboysfuckinggirls asked:

Inspired by you, I have started my own tumblr, which you can find as gayboysfuckinggirls

Awesome. Good start to your tumblr. I’ve followed back :)

Jul 28 '14

Anonymous asked:

Hi, I'm a gay guy and I have recently wanted to talk to other gay guys about fucking pussy. I have always wanted to and I watch straight porn more than gay porn. I just want to sink my gay cock into a nice tight pussy and cum inside her. I think it would be the hottest thing ever. :)

:) That’s hot. You should definitely try it. And if you want to talk, send me another message with your email or IM and we can chat.

Jul 26 '14

Anonymous asked:

Heyo. Last year I managed to arrange for a gay guy (very femmy little twink gay guy, at that), to fuck his first woman while joined in/helped/watched. I'm turning it into a story for Nifty. Would you like me to let you know when it's been published?

Hot! Yeah let me know when it’s up. Thanks.

Jul 11 '14

jinnfurr asked:

Hello ^3^ I am a 100% gay butt and I have a boyfriend. I have 23 years old and lately I've been thinking about what it would cross over and try for the first time. It's a fantasy that I have with my boyfriend. I am 178 cm 70kg passive gray eyes. blond hair and a bit effeminate (but very little) x3 twink style. Really anyone can cross? Is it true that someone like me can try it convert, become a pussylover and then deny dicks?

If you want to try it, do it. Try and film it too, that would be fucking hot to watch ;)

Jun 1 '14

Anonymous asked:

Do u know if the other guy (the blond one) who was filming the documentary is the partner of the gay guy who lost his virginity to the girl from Paris? I think he is, it'd be very hot if it's true, you know watching your gay boyfriend fucking a delicious pussy is SO HOT

I’m not sure. I don’t speak their language but the translation of the summary of the film said that the one filming had had sex with a girl before. And yeah that would be incredibly hot, for a man to watch his boyfriend fuck and bust his load inside pussy ;)

May 25 '14

Documentary: Gay man has sex for woman in sexulity experiment

I just watched the documentary that was forwarded to me by a follower. It was actually really cool and sweet and yes, the straight virgin gay man does have sex all the way with a woman he meets in Paris. He enjoyed it, so other gay men can too ;)